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Sideout Volleyball About Us

Born out of the legacies of athletes who shared the same competitive spirit along with the enviable lifestyle that is the centerpiece of the sport – volleyball. 

Sideout Sport is the brand that celebrates and embraces individuality and has no barriers to age, gender, or ability. 

Rooted in all aspects of the game, and grounded in the lifestyle that lives within, Sideout understands and reflects volleyball’s distinctive culture – on the sand, grass or hard court.

As the sport of volleyball continues to evolve and grow, Sideout will remain proactive and maintain its authenticity, while introducing newfound solutions to all aspects of wearables and accessories. 

Today, Sideout Sport has aligned with the Mike Whitmarsh Foundation in an effort to provide financial resources to young athletes who are unable to afford the cost of developing their volleyball and life skills through competition and camaraderie. 


Welcome to SIDEOUT SPORT – The Volleyball Company